Welcome to planetariumforum, the place where planetarians from all around the world can share ideas, questions and answers. The forum wishes to provide a place for single planetariums out there, but also to organizations and associations around the world. This Forum was intended to be used by film producers, planetarium builders, hardware and software geniuses, and basically any person that is interested in the Planetarium Community.

The PlanetariumForum - Registration

Welcome to the Planetarium Forum, a place to unite Planetarians from all over the world. Before registering, please read carefully the above information. If you agree, then we welcome you to this forum and hope you will enjoy and take advantage of all the information and resources available.

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Our Services:

1. Planetarium Associations:

“The Planetarium Forum” wishes to provide a free place for every Planetarium Association in the World that would like to have their own private space for sharing information among their members". Each Association will be responsible for designating an “Administrator” and or “Moderator” for the reason to coordinate topics, accept or deny new registrations and moderate the conduct within the group. Each Administrator will be able to fully customize their Association Forum and make it visible to any person they wish.

2. Planetarium Shop:

The Planetarium Forum will have a special topic called "Planetarium Shop", a place where vendors and clients can interact in any way. Within this Topic you can find a forum called "A Place for Vendors", where we gladly invite all companies from the Planetarium Industry to be part of this new platform, and be able to promote their services, show their products, and interact with people Involved in the planetarium field.

To be able to participate and be part of this selected group, we will request onetime donation per year, this will allow you to submit your company information in the forum.

You will also find the possibility to sponsor your logo and brand trough out the forum in general. (Please check the banners with the phrase “space for rent”). More information will be sent very soon..! And finally, for does who are interested in becoming new planetarians, this forum will allow you to make questions and learn about future possibilities of purchasing either your first Planetarium or any other product and you might be interested. The Forum “I want to become a Planetarian” will be the perfect scenario for new business around the world.

3. Chat:

The forum will have a Chat available 24/7 for everyone, shortening distances and allowing the possibilities to interact and create debates among members from different locations.

4. Mobile Domes:

At last, a place to unite all planetarians who share the same passion for mobile dome will have a dedicated forum for their own, sharing new developments, technologies and educational techniques and resources.

More information soon.

We look forward to motivate Planetarians from all over the world to join our forum and help to share knowledge and expertise across the globe. Many different subject and topics are waiting to be created for the benefit of a wonderful activity and passion, the Planetarium.